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Meta Launches New Reels Features, Including Stories to Reels Conversion and Improved Analytics
As it works to latch onto the short-form video trend, and negate the rising influence of TikTok, Meta has announced some new updates for Reels, across both Facebook and Instagram, including additional Reels insights, the expansion of the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, and ‘auto-created’ Reels clips. Yes, automatically created Reels videos..
WhatsApp Launches New Desktop App for Windows PCs
WhatsApp has added another way for users to stay in touch, with a new desktop app for Windows PCs.As you can see here, the new WhatsApp for Windows, which is now available in the Microsoft store, provides another means to log into your WhatsApp chats via your PC, in a more integrated, streamlined manner.As explained by WhatsApp:..
Google Announces New Search Updates Which Will Put More Emphasis on Content Depth
Google has announced some key updates to its Search algorithms which will look to highlight more valuable results, created for humans, as opposed to web pages that have been designed purely with SERP ranking in mind.Google’s main target with these new updates is low quality aggregator sites, which aim to match up with common sea..
Twitter’s Developing a New ‘Reply Filter’ Option to Give Users More Control Over Their Tweet Experience
It’s no secret that Twitter can be a cruel and unforgiving platform for those that tweet the wrong thing - whatever that may be. Some use this to advantage, with many media personalities and politicians now posting divisive comments as a means to boost their own presence, and remain top of mind. But for others, the tweet backlas..
Twitter Will Soon Incorporate Podcast Access into its Audio Tab
While the audio social trend has died down, Twitter remains confident that there’s a future in its audio options, as it continues to develop Spaces and its dedicated audio tab, even if the listener numbers don’t seem to reflect any major user interest.Twitter’s next big push on this front looks to be coming soon, with its new ‘S..
Instagram Publishes New Guide to Setting Up Shops and Product Tags in the App
Mapping out your digital marketing approach for the upcoming holiday season?In-stream shopping should, at the least, be a consideration, and with a recent survey of 4500 Instagram users finding that nearly half of them use Instagram to shop weekly, IG shopping should also be on your radar as a potential opportunity, both for pro..
Instagram Looks to Copy BeReal with new ‘IG Candid’ Feature
Ugh.This is BeReal, the fast-growing new app which sends out a prompt to users at a random time each day, asking them to share a selfie of what they're up to at that time, with a 2-minute time limit to respond:BeRealThis is Instagram’s recently added ‘Dual’ camera feature:Instagram Dual Camera ModeThis is Instagram’s latest feat..
New App Churns Out Customizable Examples of Viral LinkedIn Posts
Okay, we’ve all seen the now infamous ‘crying CEO’ LinkedIn post, to the point where it almost feels cruel to keep highlighting it specifically.The post, which has garnered major media attention, has once again shined a spotlight on the cringe-level of LinkedIn posts, which often feel so artificial, so staged, that they go again..
YouTube’s New Podcasts Platform is Now Live for Some US Users
YouTube’s taking its next steps into podcast hosting, with some users now able to access a dedicated podcast page in the app, which will eventually enable podcasters to feed their shows straight into YouTube, adding another promotion surface for their content.As reported by 9to5Google, YouTube’s podcast page is now available to ..
TikTok is Fast Becoming a Key Search and Discovery Platform for Younger Audiences
Could TikTok really become a competitor in the web search and discovery stakes, and move into Google’s territory?Google’s Senior Vice President&nbsp;Prabhakar Raghavan&nbsp;recently shared&nbsp;that the search giant does indeed see this as a risk,&nbsp;noting that:<em>“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, w..