MD170B: Digital watch face
OS :
Version :VARY
Size :
Updated :Jun 25,2022
Developer :Matteo Dini MD ®
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The MD170B is a Digital Wear OS watch face by Matteo Dini MD.

It contains 4 Preset App shortcuts, 2 customizable shortcuts, steps, heart rate, next appointment, daily steps goal, moon phase, date, week and day of year, 4 customizable complications where you can have the data you prefer such as "barometer", "weather" (etc.), changeable colors and more.


1 - Make sure the watch is properly connected to the phone, open Companion App on phone and tap on "INSTALL APP ON WEAR DEVICE" and follow instructions on watch.

After a few minutes the watch face will transferred on watch : check the watch faces installed by the Wearable app on the phone or directly on the watch.

Note: If you stuck at payment loop, DON'T WORRY, only one charge will be made even if you are asked to pay a second time. Wait 5 minutes or restart your watch and try again.

It could be a synchronization problem between your device and Google servers.


2 - If you are having synchronization problems between your phone and Play Store, use the drop-down menu and select the target device on the Play Store app..

3 - Alternatively, try installing the watch face from web browser on your PC.

Please, any issues on this side are NOT caused by the developer.

This watch face supports all Wear OS devices with API Level 28+.

Write to [email protected] if you need assistance. Thank you!!!!

Watch face features:

- 12/24hr (based on phone settings)
- Date 12hr: MMM-DD 24hr: DD-MMM
- Battery
- Heart rate*
- Heart rate intervals
- Steps
- Daily steps goal (steps set to 8500 st/day)
- Next appointment
- 4 Preset app shortcuts
- 2 customizable shortcuts
- 4 customizable fields / complications
- Always ON Display supported with changeable colors
- Changeable font colors + Hour and Minutes separately


1 - Touch and hold display
2 - Tap on customize option

Preset APP Shortcuts:

- Calendar
- Battery Status
- Measure HR
- Alarms

Customizable field/complication:

you can customize the fields with the any data you want.
For example, you can select weather, steps, time zone, sunset/sunrise, barometer, next appointment and more.

*Heart Rate Notes:

The watch face does not automatically measure and does not automatically display the HR result when installed.

Tap on BPM area and you will notice a RED heart icon during heart rate detection.
Wait a few seconds. The watch face will take a measurement and display the current result.

Make sure you have allowed the use of the sensors when installed the watchface otherwise swap with another watch face and then come back to this to enable the sensors.

Heart rate also automatically updates every 10 minutes.

***some features may not be available on some watches.

Let's keep in touch !

Matteo Dini MD ® is a well-known and ultra-awarded brand in the watch faces world!

Some references:

Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 Winner – Interview:

#1 Samsung Mobile Press:

#2 Samsung Mobile Press:

Matteo Dini MD ® is also a registered trademark in the United States and Europe.

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Thank you !
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    By baitus luckman hakimJun 29,2022
    Work on wear os galaxy watch 4 classic
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    By KhoiruddinApr 28,2022
    Gak bisa di pasang di watch 4 classic LTE. 👎
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