HMKWatch Analog 264
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Version :VARY
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Updated :Nov 14,2022
Developer :HMKWatch
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*This analog watch face supports wear OS devices.
* Please install additional apps by referring to 'About this app'.


[How to install]
Make sure your watch is selected first before you press the payment button.
Press the small black triangle next to the Payment button to select the watch.

If you don't follow the above method, you can use Chrome or Samsung browser on your PC or smartphone.
After entering the store with a web browser, click Install on another device to install it on the watch.

After the release of Watch 5, a new UI was applied to Watch 4.
The newly installed watchface can be found in the following ways.

1. Press and hold the watch screen to enter the 'Frequently Used Watch Face List'.
2. Turn it to the rightmost and press 'Add watchface'.
3. Then, enter the 'Installed Watchface List'.
4. Find and select the watch face you purchased.


[Additional installation app]

1. Smart phone battery app (Free app)

Please install the additional app of the link below on the watch and smartphone, and set up the complication.
If the link does not open, please search for the 'Phone Battery Complication' app and install it.

2. Complications Suite - Wear OS (Free app)

3. Heart Rate Complication (Paid app)

4. Health Services Complications (Paid app)

All credits goes to original app creator:
amoledwatchfaces -

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Please send me an email if you have any errors or suggestions.
[email protected]
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