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Version :2.11.32
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Updated :Oct 14,2022
Developer :Yobi Mobi
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BLOCK Spam, Junk, and any Threats to your Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo account, FREE!
Take control of all your email inboxes in one fast and easy to use FREE app. Manage all your accounts any time of the day, whether for travel, business, or personal use, Email Home helps you get it DONE!

Top Features:
- Read Receipts
- Email Response Reminder
- One-Click Mass Email Archive
- Right-Swipe All-In-One Homescreen
- Voice Search
- Secure and Safe Interface
Tired of needing multiple email apps for different providers? Email Home allows you to have all of your email accounts under one app. Switch effortlessly between multiple accounts from the same provider or between your Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook inboxes!
Important emails getting lost in the mix? My Hub organizes your most important emails first so that you are always on top of what matters. Auto-sorted tabs also include Personal, Social, and Shopping. Don’t let important emails get lost in the clutter of junk mail and spam.
Have you been inundated with spam emails? It's never been simpler to clear up your overflowing email inbox. With just one click, you can delete everything you don't want to see and save it to your archive. Easily filter spam or hazardous emails with one-click, making your email experience better and safer!

Email Home is always being updated and improved. It is critical that we listen to and act on our users' input in order to improve the app. When you download Email Home, you receive an email launcher that is constantly working to make your life easier. Get the fastest-growing email app here instead of settling for a simple one.

Email Home uses launcher technology that allows us to give you features right on your home screen. It will replace your home screen so that you have access to these awesome features anytime you need them. Connect your Gmail, Outlook, and/or Yahoo inboxes and experience a better, smarter inbox app.

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