Deep Cleaner-Phone Faster
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Version :1.1.4
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Updated :Jul 27,2022
Developer :CleanerStudio
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DeepCleaner, focusing on mobile phone cleaning, makes your mobile phone smooth from now on.

DeepCleaner is the secret to keeping your phone smooth.
Super Booster focuses on optimizing your storage space, clearing junk files from your phone and making your device run faster.

Junk Clean:

If you have too much junk on your phone, it will cause you to run out of storage space. In spare time, you can often clean up junk to keep your phone in good performance

Battery Saver:

Battery saver can help you end ineffective programs that drain your battery. But we will not affect your use.

CPU cooler:

It can effectively reduce the temperature of mobile phone CPU, so that your mobile phone no longer heats up and runs more smoothly.
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  • D
    By Dean LanganAug 20,2022
    Intrusive ads and popups
  • R
    By Robert BrownAug 20,2022
    This just mess up your cellphone
  • K
    By Kamini SinghAug 19,2022
    This evening my phone on google maps for the phone with her now she is a question about the way home from work now my phone is working for privacy policy google maps and password manager gdpe fecbook tweter Admin at my place now I have to work on the way home from work now my phone is not the only one I think it's from a question for you guys and tell him to come over for privacy policy is working for oll controller microsoft window developer convert from Android app store app iphone devlap in i
  • K
    By Kevin ClarkeAug 19,2022
    Not getting enough cleaning.
  • A
    By Avery BenensonAug 19,2022
    Your app constantly bothers me to use it. It's ridiculously annoying. Nobody is going to keep your app on their phone.
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